If you're looking for high-quality outdoor cushions to accessorise your outdoor living, look no further than Izabela Peters. Based in the UK, we offer various cushion designs and colourways to suit your outdoor living.

But what sets our outdoor cushions apart?

Exclusive Waterproof Fabric

Working with our partner textile mills across the globe, we have developed an exclusive waterproof fabric that is both soft to the touch and able to withstand the elements.

The Design Process

From our design studio in The Lake District, our designers have the creative freedom to design cushions that focus on on-trend designs while also taking inspiration from country and British influences.

State-of-the-art Printing and UK Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art digital textile printing facility in our Manchester-based studio lets us print onto our waterproof fabric. And our post-printing machinery allows us to create exceptional colours and fabric handle.

Our team of highly skilled seamstresses hand-makes each cushion from scratch with care and attention to detail. 

Investment in Innovation

At Izabela Peters, we take pride in our cushions.

So much so that we recently purchased our carding and filling line. Enabling us to:

  • Make cushions in various large sizes, including square and rectangular shapes.
  • Choose the fillings we put into our cushions. After much research and development and desiring eco-friendly padding, we have decided to use 100% recycled fibres, which offer incredible loft and softness. 
  • Offer maximum comfort and support. We are very proud that we measure each cushion padding to the gram. If it is one gram over or under, we will only use it once it is the correct weight. 

Indeed, we go further; all our cushions have padding two sizes bigger than their cover; this ensures that Izabela Peters cushions are incredibly soft, shape-retaining, and offer plump support. 

Wide Range of Designs and Eye For Detail

Our surface pattern designers have designed various designs, including florals, signature colours, geometrics, abstracts, animals, and birds.

The waterproof cushions have the same design on both sides, making them reversible and giving you more options for styling your outdoor space.

The cushions have an invisible zip for a stylish finish. 

Perfect for Garden Furniture

Izabela Peters' cushions are perfect for accessorising garden furniture, rattan sofas, chairs, and benches. They can withstand the elements, and the waterproof fabric will keep your cushions looking new for years. With a wide range of designs, you will find the perfect cushion to complement your outdoor space.

In conclusion, Izabela Peters is your brand if you want high-quality, luxury, UK-made outdoor cushions. Our attention to detail and focus on quality sets the cushions apart.

January 24, 2024 — Amelia Windsor