If you’re not gaining home design or decor inspiration from Pinterest, then where are you finding it? According to platform, here are the top three interior aesthetics for Autumn / Winter 2022:

One: Natural
Rattan, bamboo, wicker - you name it; 2022 has been the year of bringing the natural materials in and that isn’t slowing down any time soon. Designing your home with more natural materials allows for a more calm and energising environment.

Utilise all of the elements; incorporating wood, stone and foliage, as well as bringing in lots of natural light can create a tranquil space which helps towards boosting happiness and wellbeing.

Izabela Peters pick for your natural home decor:

Simple, Neutral Upholstery fabric

Ready to embark on an upholstery project of your own? Our line of signature coloured fabrics could be a great starting point to enhance your natural decor. Create your own set of Izabela Peters’ curtains using the shade Dovedale Stone or Twill to accentuate the tranquillity of your space.

Two: Farmhouse
The ever popular farmhouse aesthetic is far from over. The trend saw a 316% increase in searches on Pinterest since May 2022. Think open and airy, neutral colour pallets and natural wood shelving housing greenery as well as vintage and Scandinavian inspired decor.

Izabela Peters pick for your farmhouse home decor:

Minimalist two striped rectangle cushions

The Izabela Peters’ striped rectangle cushions make great scatter staples for any chair, sofa or dining table bench. The minimalist feel could ironically compliment your traditional farmhouse space by combining old with new. With a huge range of colours to choose from, you could be bold and brave with Burnt Orange or Forest Biome, or keep it simple and understated with our neutral lines such as: Rosewater or Storm Grey.

Three: Be bold
This is the season to TRULY make your home yours - by injecting your own personality or perhaps letting your inner child run free on the decor decisions. With Pinterest searches for “bold patterns” up over 217%, if you’re looking for permission to paint the whole house red, this is it!

You could start small with a statement, bright rug, or perhaps a few accessories that really show what your home is all about. Or, if you’re ready to go the whole way, think full on maximalist details; layers of colour, textures, print clashes and bold art pieces. 

Izabela Peters pick for your bold home decor:

Safari Voyage Draught Excluder

The Izabela Peters’ draught excluder range can incorporate that bold look you’re looking for as well as offer a sustainable piece of decor for your home. Our Safari Voyage design is full of colour, detail and character. Forget simple, neutral colours, our draught excluder range boasts bold patterns whilst maintaining a luxury feel.

October 17, 2022 — James Woodcock